Welcome from the Parkview Curriculum Office Course Registration Page!

  • The course registration website allows you to view information about elective options offered at Parkview. Rising 9th grade students can find their registration information on the Rising 9th Grade Course Registration page. All rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students should use the links below to see information about core, elective, AP options offered at Parkview. 

10th, 11th, and 12th Grade Registration Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions about Registration:

  • What is the math course sequence?

    Parkview Math Course Sequence

  • What are the grade-to-grade promotion requirements?

    Promotion to 10th grade - 5.0 Units 

    Promotion to 11th grade - 11.0 Units

    Promotion to 12th grade - 17.0 Units

    Graduation - 23.0 Units

  • How do I register for credit recovery courses?

    Credit recovery does not take place during the course registration process. Contact Daniel Romero at Daniel.Romero@gcpsk12.org for information about Credit Recovery.

  • What is "Advisement"?

    The advisement program fosters positive student-student, student-teacher, and teacher-teacher relationships through goal-focused conversations that improve student performance both academically and behaviorally. The purpose of advisement programs is to build meaningful connections between adults and students resulting in improved student academic achievement.

    All students will be scheduled into an advisement class in 4th, 5th or 6th period. Students will attend advisement for half of the period and attend lunch for the other half of the period. 

  • Can I request a schedule change later?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to honor schedule change requests after the registration process closes. We hire faculty and build the master schedule based on the classes students request during the registration process, so we are not able to accommodate schedule changes for the following reasons: 
    • The class could impact my overall GPA.
    • The class is too difficult.
    • I no longer need the class.
    • I don't like my teacher.
    • I don't like my Advisement/lunch period. 

    Schedule change requests between 1st & 2nd Semester will also not be honored as we schedule the entire year based on registration each spring.  

    Therefore, please review your classes carefully during the registration process this spring as you will NOT be able to change your classes later. 

    The ONLY schedule changes permitted after the registration period ends are for students who:
    • registered for a class for which they already have credit in course history.
    • are seniors who are missing a class for a graduation requirement. 
  • What courses are required for graduation?

    To graduate in the state of Georgia, students must earn a minimum of 23 credits (also called units) in the following areas of study. In Gwinnett County Public Schools, students must also earn a passing score on the Gateway exam.


    Language Arts (4.0 Units Required)

    • Must include 9th Grade Language Arts and 11th Grade Language Arts

    Mathematics (4.0 Units Required)

    • Including Integrated Algebra I, Integrated Geometry, Integrated Algebra II, and Additional Math

    Science (4.0 Units Required)

    • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and a 4th Year Science

    Social Studies (3.0 Units Required) (4.0 Units Recommended)

    • Recommended: World Geography or AP Human Geography
    • Required: World History, U.S. History, Economics/Political Systems


    Required Electives (3.0 Units Required) (2.0 Units of Foreign Language Recommended)

    • Any Combination of Fine Arts, Technical Electives or Modern/Classical Language
    • 2.0 units of Foreign  Language are required for university admission in the state of Georgia

    Health and Physical Education (1.0 Unit Required)

    • or 3.0 Units of JROTC

    Other Electives (4.0 Units Required) 

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