• Community School
  • Summer Health & Physical Education

    Health and PE (1/2 credit courses required for graduation) will be offered online through DHS this summer semester to students who have not yet fulfilled the requirements.

    The courses are 4 1/2 week intensive courses designed to cover all Gwinnett County AKS with daily deadlines during the 4 1/2 week period.

    COURSE DATES: May 30, 2023 – June 23, 2023

    Please note that these courses are being offered at an extra cost ($250.00 each), and they are an intensive format.

    Because of the abbreviated length of the course(s), there is a required daily time commitment of several hours. You may register for one course or both courses.


    Click here for the detailed course descriptions

    Click here for the registration form or visit mypaymentsplus.com to sign up today!

    Contact Dana Weed in our Community School with any questions.