• Required DocumentsRequired Documents for ALL Registrations

    Required Documents for your appointment:
    1) Current Certificate of Immunization (GA form 3231) – must be on the GA form.
    2) Hearing/Vision/Dental/Nutrition (GA form 3300) 
    3) Birth Certificate of the child you are enrolling - Does it match the enrolling parent's ID?  If not: you must provide a marriage certificate OR a divorce decree OR a court-ordered proof of guardianship.
    4) Enrolling Parent ID or Guardian ID
    5) Student Social Security Card
    6) Proof of Residency - TWO documents are required – one from List A AND one from List B.  Both of these documents must be in the name of the parent.

    List A (choose one): mortgage statement, current lease/rental agreement, most recent income tax return, most current paycheck stub, current residential property tax statement, current warranty or quitclaim deed, current home purchase agreement, current homeowner’s insurance policy, non-contingent sales contract

    List B (choose one): a current utility bill (gas, water, or electric) - we can not accept a phone or cable bill

    *** If you are living with someone, you and the person you are living with will need to complete a Residency Affidavit and have it notarized. You will need to bring the notarized Residency Affidavit along with your ID and a copy of the ID of the person you are living with (as stated on the Residency Affidavit).  You must also bring one document from List A and one document from List B.  Both documents from List A and List B should be in the name of the person you are living with.