Parkview Faculty Profile 2021-2022

Teaching Experience in Years of Experience

Teaching Experience in Years of Experience
  • Facts about Parkview staff's job experience

    • In total, our staff (certified and classified) have 4121 years of experience in education and 3296 years of experience in GCPS.
    • The average years of experience in the field of education for a Parkview employee is 17 years.
    • In addition, our staff have 719 years of experience in other industries and fields, with an average of 12 years of experience working outside of the field of education.
    • Our staff with experience outside of education bring diverse background knowledge and skills, including previous careers such as laboratory researcher, banker, business owner, translator, radiologist, archaeologist, sales, clergy, engineer, military service, lawyer, first responder, graphic designer, and corporate leadership.

Education Levels: All Staff (Certified & Classified)

Education Levels: All Staff (Certified & Classified)
  • GCPS Graduates (All Staff, Certified + Classified)

    • Parkview Graduates: 30 (12% of Parkview employees)
    • GCPS Graduates: 71 (29% of Parkview employees)

    Academic Background (All Staff, Certified + Classified)

    • Our staff hold degrees from 150 different colleges and universities in at least 9 countries.
    • International colleges & universities: 8 institutions in 8 different countries
    • University of Georgia graduates: 62 (16% of Parkview employees)
    • Georgia State University graduates: 42 (10% of Parkview employees)
    • Piedmont College graduates: 15 (4% of Parkview employees)
    • Kennesaw State University graduates: 12 (3% of Parkview employees)
    • Lincoln Memorial University graduates: 11(3% of Parkview employees)
    • University of West Georgia graduates: 10 (2% of Parkview employees)