Business Education

  • Introduction to Business Technology (No Prerequisite)

    This course provides an overview of business and technology skills required for today's business environment.  Includes mastering  Microsoft Office Software Applications.  Topics include Communication Skills, Marketing & Entrepreneurship,  Leadership/Management, Money Management, Insurance, Human Resources and Accounting.

    Financial Literacy (Grades 10-12 only) (No Prerequisite)

    This course introduces students to personal finance which includes but not limited to credit, savings/investing, credit cards, insurance, budgets, payroll and taxes. Students also research careers and learn how to interview, write resumes and cover letters.

  • Business & Technology  (Grades 10-12)

    This course provides employability skills and knowledge to be successful in college and careers.  Topics include human relations, job application process, communication skills, business etiquette, work ethics, time management and professionalism.

    Business Communications (Grades 11-12 only) (Prerequisite: Business & Technology)

    This course is for administrative interns.  Students have the opportunity to demonstrate employability skills while working in an office at Parkview High School.

  • Teachers

    Barbra Jackson

    Room G1.117 or G1.114

    Tammy Phillips

    Room D2.102