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2022-2023 Jenkins Teacher of the Year!

2022-2023 Jenkins E.S. Teacher of the Year!


Teacher of the Year Finalists

Mrs. Maloof (far left) Mrs. Maloof is a 4th grade teacher at Jenkins ES. She cares deeply for her students and always works hard to make sure they receive the highest quality of instruction possible. She is also a phenomenal leader for the fourth grade team!

Mrs. Karasik (middle) Mrs. Karasik is an IRR teacher at Jenkins ES. She is extremely knowledgeable. She has a passion for teaching and her students. She builds relationships with her students that continue beyond elementary school. She is their number one advocate. She is always willing to help and works hard to ensure that her students' needs are always met.

Mrs. Murray (far right) Mrs. Murray teachers one of the autism classrooms here at Jenkins ES. There is no better advocate for her children and her team. She takes care of this team and our children in a way that makes us all truly feel like a family.

And the winner of this year's Teacher of the Year Award goes to... 


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Mrs. Rahnon Murray

TOTY and Finalists