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JMS Career Day- Gwinnett Daily Post

Link to the Gwinnett Daily Post article about JMS Career Day.

Gwinnett Daily Post Article:

Students at Jordan Middle School in Lawrenceville put down their Chromebooks on March 2 when over 60 professionals from all walks of life took over classrooms to present, inspire and intrigue their young minds.

Presenters included David Still, mayor of Lawrenceville; Jordan Middle School namesake’s daughter, Judy Jordan Johnson, the former mayor of Lawrenceville, as well as a talk show host, lawyers, military personnel, authors, entertainers, and professionals from a host of other fields from medicine to professional athletes.

Students were encouraged to “dress for success” and they did not disappoint. From suits to dresses, students looked the part as they engaged in conversations and activities surrounding possible career paths for their future.

Organizers Felecia Sconiers and Kesha Brown have teamed up to put on more than 12 career day events over the years. However, this marked the first one of many to come at Jordan Middle School. Their passion for this event stems from the mindset that, exposing students to careers is important, but allowing them to hear about the path, with its successes and obstacles, is priceless.

As an educational leader, Principal Melissa Miller, believes that career days at school are a vital component of a student’s educational experience. She sees these events as an opportunity for students to explore potential career paths, gain insights into various industries, and learn from successful professionals in their fields. Miller is committed to having an annual career day to help students connect their academic learning to the real world and inspire them to set ambitious goals for their future.

“These events can foster a sense of community within the school, as students, teachers, and professionals come together to share their knowledge and experiences,” Miller said. “I am committed to ensuring that our career days at school are informative, engaging, and meaningful experiences for all our students.”

School officials credited the volunteers as well as the Jordan Middle School community, parents and friends that showed up for making the event a success.