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GSMST Lottery

The GSMST lottery registration window opened on Friday (11/1) and it will remain open until January 24, 2020. As in the past, please use the attached announcement to inform your 8th grade student body as you find appropriate for your particular school community. Parent meeting dates are 11/12/19, 12/5/19, and 1/9/20. All details and documents are available on our school website at

This current lottery cycle will be our fifth year with a math requirement. The standard math pre-requisite continues to be successful completion of Accelerated Algebra 1 or higher. Eighth grade students taking regular HS Algebra 1 can also qualify by earning a first semester math grade of 90 or higher and scoring at the Distinguished level (scaled score of 92 last year) on the GA Milestone EOC Assessment for Algebra. Algebra 1 students who do not meet both of those requirements may also qualify with a math component score of 550 or higher on the PSAT 8/9 or SAT.

Our assistant principal in charge of the lottery and the GSMST curriculum is Luke Rapley. Please communicate with either of us (or Karen Rockey who is in charge of our Summer STEM program) if any of us can answer questions or provide assistance to you or your eighth grade families in any way.

Thank you for allowing us to be an option for your community!