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Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership




Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership                                                                                                                               GCPS Torch


Gwinnett County Public Schools Parent Mentors

Serving Families of Students Who Receive Special Education Services


Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Parent Mentors help provide parents of students who receive special education services in GCPS information, guidance, and resources to help support their children at home, school and in their communities.

GCPS’ parent mentors are parents of a child who receives or have received special education supports in GCPS. We work within the school district to teach and guide families in a variety of ways. We can provide support and information regarding special education services, transition planning, parent support groups, Social Security Income, Medicaid, other disability funding, agencies that support individuals with disabilities, community resources, and other information related to disabilities.

We also collaborate with school administrators and teachers, supporting educators in their efforts to help families and students plan for and achieve their educational and post-secondary goals

Due to the pandemic, the monthly informational meetings and other in-person workshops we have provided for parents during past school years are not being offered the current school year. However, as opportunities arise during the school year that may benefit families, we will send out information through GCPS’s website and though the local schools.

In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns or need our support, we welcome you to email or call us.



                                                                     Jackie McNair                                                                                                            Dawn Albanese


                                                                    (678) 301-7149                                                                                                       (678) 301-7212