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Media Center Committee

Thanks so much for each of you volunteering to serve as Media Committee members. This committee will "meet" via e-mail or zoom. The only exception will be if we have a book challenge and will only communicate as needed as I respect your time and appreciate your commitment. Listed below are the responsibilities and policies for your approval. Also, I will be sending book orders that I am making to enhance our Media Center collection for your approval and you are always welcome to express any concern or recommendations.

Role of School Media Committee The IFAA board policy requires that each school have a media committee that is composed of an administrator, media specialist and representatives for teachers, students and the community. As an integral component of a quality media program that supports teaching and learning, the school media committee: • Complies with established system policies/procedures • Establishes media program short and long term goals based on local school plans for improvement • Provides input on school media program policies and procedures • Recommends priorities for the media center budget • Fosters good public relations by sharing media program activities with school faculty and the community • Encourages collaborative planning among administration, instructional and media personnel • Provides input in the selection of materials for purchase for the media center • Evaluates the existing collection to ensure media center resources are current and support the curriculum • Evaluates the acceptability of donated/gift materials • Establishes and applies a decision making process for discarding materials within system policies • Reviews proposed purchases of supplementary materials to determine suitability and value of the materials and to insure against unnecessary duplication • Reviews software for instructional value to be used in school • Recommends procedures that insure accessibility to media services for all students and teachers • Responds to formal challenges regarding materials used in the school through established procedures • Recommends procedures for establishing and maintaining cooperation and communication with other agencies, i.e., public library • Recommends procedures to insure copyright compliance Thanks in advance for your time and effort Jim Ramey Media Specialist Lanier Middle School