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An Important Message from Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts

Dear GCPS Families and Staff, 

As you may now know, a GCPS student was shot today near one of our schools. We are partnering with Gwinnett County Police who are handling this investigation, and we are supporting the immediate needs of our students, families, and staff. 

The violence and threats of violence are happening far too frequently in our community, our state, and our nation. I want to be clear the gun violence in our community and around the country is unacceptable, it needs to stop. This violence is entering our schools from the larger community, and we need to respond together.

As a district, we are taking the necessary measures to ensure our schools are safe. Any student involved in violence or threats of violence at our schools will face consequences. We are actively hiring additional SROs. Our schools are continuing to review safety plans with students and staff. And most importantly, students involved in this shooting will be held accountable, which will include tribunals and criminal charges pending the investigation.

Today, I ask again, how will you help us? Will you help us keep guns away from our children and away from our schools? Will you help us teach our children how to resolve conflict without violence? Will you be the adult a GCPS child can turn to when they need help?

In the coming days, we will be gathering students, families, staff, community leaders, faith-based organizations, and lawmakers to help us develop an effective solution to keep our children safe and help them thrive. We must, and we will work together to solve this crisis.

As a parent, I know the concern and fear these school and community shootings can create. We are committed to keeping our schools safe, and when we work together, I know we will be successful.

In partnership and service, 

Dr. Calvin J. Watts