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Dangers Around the House and How to Talk About Them With Our Kids

Dangers around the house don’t end once our kids are in school. While we may think that choking hazards, tiny batteries, outlet covers, and keeping cleaning supplies and sharp objects away are behind us, once our children are school-aged, our reality changes. As our children grow older, new dangers and potential risks still exist. Especially during the holidays at home, we must be aware of them, talk with our children about them, and continue to stay vigilant and keep certain things out of reach.

Access to prescription medications, alcohol, weapons, and illicit drugs and tobacco products, including vaping accessories, are the new dangers for parents to consider as they youth-proof their homes for older children. And the concern extends from our homes to all homes our kids spend time in or visit. Some ways to ensure we are keeping our children safe past toddlerhood include:

  1. Keeping things we want out of our kids’ hands safely locked away.
  2. Talking to them about what to do if they find or are offered these items in their friends’ homes.
  3. Talking to neighbors, family, and friends to know who has weapons, alcohol, or tobacco products and how they are safely kept away from visiting children.
  4. Discussing the dangers of using vapes, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products. If you would like help quitting, text QUIT to 47848.
  5. Discussing the dangers of using drugs and marijuana, and the legal ramifications they can face for even carrying them in their possession.
  6. Talking to our kids about who they can reach out to for help, and how to remove themselves from dangerous situations.

Make the pledge to keep kids safe.