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April 22 is Earth Day!

Saturday, April 22 is Earth Day! Working together, we can #InvestInOurPlanet by dedicating our time and energy to cleaning up waste, planting trees and gardens, learning about climate change, volunteering in our local communities, and more.

Here are some examples of how you can get involved and take action:

  • Plant and protect pollinator gardens. Native plants help pollinators, like butterflies, birds, and bees, spread seeds and pollen that help plant species reproduce, support the survival of wild life, and support our food system. We need pollinators to fertilize plants used in food production, fight invasive species, and preserve natural habitats and diverse ecosystems.

Learn why pollinators are important here:

Many GCPS schools have their own pollinator gardens; you can get your child involved and create a pollinator garden at home. Start here:

Find a pollinator garden toolkit here:

  • Fight fast fashion by learning about, and investing in sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion includes manufacturing clothing, shoes, and accessories with renewable energy sources, utilizing materials that can be repaired, reused, and recycled, transporting goods in ways that reduce environmental impact, and ending the unethical treatment of fashion industry employees. Learn more about sustainable fashion here:
  • Talk about climate change and environmental literacy with your child. Find fact sheets about food and agriculture, conservation, and pollution here:
  • Attend free Earth Day activities, programs, and workshops held at various branches of the Gwinnett County Public Library. Find the full events calendar here:

Register to attend the Climate Intervention Workshop at the Norcross Branch:

Attend the Earth Day Program at the Snellville Branch:

Register to make birdfeeders at the Suwanee Branch (peanut butter involved):

Celebrate Earth Day at the Grayson Branch:

  • Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful is a local affiliate of the national non-profit, Keep America Beautiful that specializes in connecting people and resources for a Sustainable Gwinnett. Learn more, and find links to volunteer, donate, and go green here:
  • Live Healthy Gwinnett launched in 2014 as a partnership between Gwinnett Parks and Recreation and Eastside Medical Center. Live Healthy Gwinnett is designed to encourage and engage Gwinnett County residents to invest in personal wellness. Live Healthy Gwinnett manages various community programs and events, including community garden initiatives and food forests. Learn about Harvest Gwinnett here:

Find other Live Healthy Gwinnett programs, events, and volunteer opportunities:

Take action to #InvestInOurPlanet, find the Earth Day Action Toolkit here: