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The 2023 Gwinnett County Sports Hall of Fame inducts six new athletes and sports professionals

The 2023 Gwinnett County Sports Hall of Fame inducted six athletes and sports professionals who have made their mark on Gwinnett County and beyond. Coach Cecil Flowe, Brock NewmanRhea Taylor, Amanda Winslow RegoJared Cook, and Will Hammock have all played their part in making Gwinnett County sports legendary. Championship basketball coach and player Kim Mulkey was the evening’s keynote speaker. Coach Mulkey opened the floor for a Q&A discussing her career, her take on the status of sports in 2023, and what she sees for the future of college sports as a community and a business.

Through the generosity and kindness of our donors, proceeds from the 2023 Hall of Fame will go to supporting academic initiatives and more than 100 scholarships for GCPS students. Events like these allow us to be a resource for student success, enrichment, and empowerment. Since 2010, more than 1,000 GCPS Foundation scholarships have been awarded and supported GCPS students as they pursue higher education. The Foundation is so grateful for the support we receive from our donors and our school district.