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Local company supports Community-Based Mentoring Program

    Gwinnett County Public Schools' (GCPS) Community-Based Mentoring Program is the recipient of a generous gift from a local business partner. APCO Holdings, a Norcross-based finance and insurance company, gave the mentoring program’s African-American Boys and Girls priorities $7,500 to support the program’s goals and initiatives.L-R: James Rayford; Aleana Curney; Shamequa Reed; Nicole Tomlinson; Kathy Burnette; and Michael Hinton

    James Rayford, the director of the African-American Boys Priority, says the additional funding will make a big impact. “This donation will allow us to continue to expose our students to enrichment activities that will support their education… activities that will help develop them into responsible and engaging adults in their communities,” Rayford said.

    GCPS’ Community-Based Mentoring Program holds a special place in the heart of Shamequa Reed, Salesforce Operations Manager at APCO. She explains, “As a parent of a student in the program, I can personally attest that this program works. I have seen my son’s growth, both academically and socially. It truly takes a village and we believe in the Power of One approach to engage our community. When charged with identifying an organization which both aligns with APCO’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and makes meaningful differences in the lives of our co-workers, families, and neighbors, I immediately thought of the Community-Based Mentoring Program.”

    Nicole Tomlinson, the director of the Community-Based Mentoring Program’s African American Girls Priority says, “It is truly a blessing when companies in the community notice the importance of mentoring and decide to support us financially. Being new on the team, I was moved when I heard Ms. Reed’s story, and it was further evidence that making sure every child has a champion is the right work.”