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End of the school year is a time to say ‘thank you’: GCPSStrong campaign and eCard initiative are ways to celebrate and thank school district employees

May 3, 2021

     Today, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) kicks off National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3-7), celebrating the first of several employee groups that will be recognized this month on nationally designated days. In doing so, the school district also wants to acknowledge that our success this year was due to the collaborative efforts of all employees. With that in mind, GCPS is asking the community to help us celebrate employees who have made a difference for students this year.

     CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks explains, “The 2020–21 school year has been a successful, yet challenging, year… one of obstacles and solutions, compassion and resilience, creativity and strength. The district’s 177,000-plus students, their families, and nearly 22,000 GCPS employees have all worked together to show that together we are GCPSStrong. And in a year unlike any other year we’ve experienced, I am reminded, yet again, that no other district has the good fortune to have the team of employees we have in Gwinnett—caring and concerned professionals who get the job done and keep the focus on our students and their needs.”

     To emphasize the collaborative effort to support students, the school district has launched its GCPSStrong campaign. The campaign includes messages from the superintendent to employees, a social media campaign (hashtag #GCPSStrong), printable “thank you” sheets for handwritten notes, and an eCard initiative. Online, students, their families, employees, and community members can use the eCards to say “thank you” and express their appreciation and encouragement to GCPS staff members… from their teacher, bus driver, and principal to the school custodian, cafeteria worker, and other support staff at the school and in the school district who served students and the Gwinnett community this year.

     Learn more about the GCPSStrong campaign on the district website ( The page includes access to the eCard submission form and downloadable “thank you” sheets to print out at home.