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GCPS invites public to participate in AKS curriculum review

September 12, 2022

     Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) invites families, students, Gwinnett County residents, and GCPS staff members to participate in the school district’s review of proposed curriculum for 93 courses. The review, scheduled for Sept. 12 to Oct. 6, is addressing Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) for select courses in Career and Technical Education, Language Arts, World Languages, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

     The public can participate via an online review of proposed AKS standards, offering feedback on new AKS that have been developed to align the curriculum with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and/or Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). The AKS spell out the essential concepts students are expected to know and skills they should acquire in a given grade, subject, or course. 

     On Nov. 1, the GEMS Oversight Committee—a group of community and school system representatives charged with the annual review of the AKS curriculum—will review the suggestions and curriculum director comments before making recommendations to Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts for adoption by the School Board. 

This year’s review will address the following courses:

Career & Technical Education

  1. Advanced Fashion, Merchandising, and Retailing
  2. Advanced Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  3. Aerospace Leadership: Communication 200
  4. Applications of Health Information Technology
  5. Contemporary Issues in Education
  6. Culinary Arts I
  7. Early Childhood Education I
  8. Early Childhood Education II
  9. Early Childhood Education III
  10. Early Childhood Education Practicum
  11. Essentials of Health Information Technology
  12. Fashion, Merchandising, and Retailing Essentials
  13. Food for Life
  14. Food Science
  15. Food, Nutrition and Wellness
  16. Government and Public Administration: Local and State Issues
  17. Government and Public Administration: State and Federal Issues
  18. Health Information Management Medical Office
  19. Healthcare IT and Biotechnology
  20. Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Essentials
  21. Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management
  22. Introduction to Computer Hardware Technology*
  23. Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
  24. Introduction to Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  25. JROTC Army Leadership Education II
  26. Marketing Management
  27. Marketing Principles
  28. MCJROTC Leadership Education II
  29. Naval Science II - Maritime History
  30. Naval Science II - Nautical Science
  31. Naval Science IV - Effective Communications
  32. Naval Science IV - Leadership Ethics
  33. Sports Medicine
  34. Teaching as a Profession Practicum


Language Arts

  1. 6th Grade Reading*


World Languages

  1. Chinese I
  2. Chinese II
  3. French I
  4. French II
  5. German I
  6. German II
  7. Korean I
  8. Korean II
  9. Portuguese I
  10. Portuguese II
  11. Spanish I
  12. Spanish II



  1. Kindergarten Math
  2. Kindergarten Math Specials
  3. 1st Grade Math
  4. 1st Grade Math Specials
  5. 2nd Grade Math
  6. 2nd Grade Math Specials
  7. 3rd Grade Math
  8. 3rd Grade Math Specials
  9. 4th Grade Math
  10. 4th Grade Math Specials
  11. 5th Grade Math
  12. 5th Grade Math Specials
  13. 6th Grade Math
  14. 6th Accelerated Mathematics
  15. 6th Math Connections
  16. 7th Accelerated Mathematics
  17. 7th Grade Math
  18. 7th Grade Math Connections
  19. 8th Grade Math
  20. 8th Grade Math Connections
  21. Advanced Algebra: Concepts & Connections
  22. Advanced Algebra: Concepts & Connections Strategies
  23. Advanced Calculus II
  24. Advanced Financial Algebra
  25. Advanced Mathematical Decision Making
  26. Algebra: Concepts & Connections
  27. Algebra: Concepts & Connections Strategies
  28. Calculus (Non-AP)
  29. College Readiness Mathematics (Mathematics Capstone Course)
  30. Differential Equations
  31. Enhanced Advanced Algebra and Precalculus: Concepts and Connections
  32. Enhanced Algebra: Concepts and Connections (Grade 8)
  33. Foundations of Algebra
  34. Geometry: Concepts & Connections
  35. Geometry: Concepts & Connections Strategies
  36. Accelerated Geometry: Concepts & Connections
  37. Mathematics of Industry and Government
  38. Multivariable Calculus
  39. Number Theory
  40. Precalculus: Concepts & Connections
  41. Statistical Reasoning


Social Studies

  1. African American Studies*
  2. American Indian Studies*
  3. Asian American Pacific Islander Studies*
  4. Economics and Personal Finance
  5. U.S. Intelligence and National Security Studies*


*Indicates the courses going through GEMS for the first time 

Total Courses: 93


To review the AKS and provide feedback, please click here to begin. Comments will be accepted through Thursday, Oct. 6