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GCPS thanks, recognizes transportation professionals

May 16, 2023

     Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) ended the school year by saying “thank you” to the men and women who help safely transport more than 128,000 GCPS students to and from school. Each year, GCPS hosts an awards banquet to honor a select group of transportation professionals who, through their hard work, dedication, and job performance, have proven to be the best of the best. Kirk Lowe, Pamela Zachery, and Amy Waldheim have been named GCPS’ 2022-2023 School Bus Managers and Monitor of the Year.

Kirk Lowe

2022-2023 Special Education Bus Manager of the YearKirk Lowe

Kirk Lowe started with GCPS 16 years ago and currently drives for Pinckneyville Middle School and Paul Duke High School. Kirk has been married for 28 years and is the proud father of two children (one girl, one boy). Kirks says, “I have worn many hats and have enjoyed my time as a Bus Manager, Team Leader, and Breakdown driver. I am proud to make a difference in the lives of Gwinnett County Public Schools students and their future.” When Kirk is not at work, he enjoys boating.


Pamela Zachery

2022-2023 Regular Education Bus Manager of the YearPamela Zachery

Pamela Zachery started with GCPS eight years ago and currently drives for Simonton Elementary, Jenkins Elementary, Jordan Middle School, and Central Gwinnett High School. The mother of five children (two girls, three boys) explains she is a singer/songwriter and a woman of strong faith who loves Jesus, baseball, football, and being a band mom. Pamela drives because she's always been amazed by large vehicles, and with her children always on the go with sports, the schedule works great for her family. Pamela's hobbies include singing and tennis.



Amy Waldheim

2022-2023 Bus Monitor of the YearAmy Waldheim

Amy Waldheim started with GCPS five years ago because she loves helping young children. Amy has been married for 26 years and is the proud mother of two children. Amy says she has excellent attendance “because I realize the important role I play in my students’ day and how their morning sets the tone for their learning ability. I am proud to be a part of watching them grow and become a successful part of society.” When not at work, Amy loves the beach, traveling, and tennis (winner of the City Finals this year).


     GCPS’ Executive Director of Transportation, Charley Humble, says the district is fortunate to have so many dedicated and caring employees. “These awards recognize some of our best Bus Managers and Monitors within our GCPS Transportation Family,” Humble says. “While their background and years of service may vary, they all have something special in common. That common thread is the love they have for and care they give to the students they transport each day.” 

     The selection of the 2022-23 winners is the result of an extensive process. First, they were nominated by their colleagues in their transportation zone. There are 25 regular education zones and 12 special education zones. Bus manager nominees were given a computer-based test and driving skills test, and the bus monitors performed a securement test, after which 11 finalists were selected–five regular education bus managers, three special education bus managers, and three bus monitors. A judging committee selected the winners from the finalists. 

       While three people were chosen as winners, Humble believes that the entire department deserves recognition during these challenging times. He explains, "Our department has achieved great success this past year because of the hard work and dedication of our Transportation Team. Our drivers and monitors have shown incredible commitment to serving the students of Gwinnett County Public Schools. We have continued to provide transportation services to more than 128,000 students daily and have even expanded our services to allow more access to the programs we offer. Their efforts have been truly outstanding.”