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GCPS honors outstanding head custodians, saluting the work of their teams to keep Gwinnett schools clean and safe

May 26, 2023

     Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) honored the district’s outstanding custodians at its 35th Annual Custodial Award Ceremony. This event intentionally and formally thanks all GCPS head custodians, and their respective custodial teams, for the diligent and dedicated service they provide during the school year. They play a crucial role in creating and maintaining clean and safe school environments – in our classrooms, hallways, restrooms and all the hard-to-reach spaces of our buildings, which is essential for creating a positive and welcoming learning environment for students.

     Head Custodian of the Year and Exemplary Custodial Care awards are criteria-based awards, with all head custodians and their respective schools eligible to earn the award each year. The Exemplary Custodial Care awards are based on the best two of three custodial inspections throughout the year. It requires a team of dedicated, diligent, and capable custodians to keep schools clean, safe, and sanitary throughout the school year. Likewise, a school’s custodial care program cannot be exemplary without effective leadership from the head custodian. The Head Custodian of the Year Awards include four additional criteria related to additional responsibilities of the head custodian, including staff development, individual work schedules, policy and procedure compliance, and equipment management. Each element is required for consistent performance. In all, 140 school head custodians and their respective teams earned awards this year.

     Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts says the district’s custodians are key members of Team GCPS. “What makes them exceptional is that as head custodians, they are leaders, and managers, and each day as part of Team GCPS, they demonstrate that school custodians are so much more than cleaners,” Dr. Watts shares. “Custodians are part of the fabric of our school community, they build relationships, mentor students, support adults, and they notice everyone in our buildings. They are exceptional because they go above and beyond to positively impact our students, staff, and community.”

Below you will find the schools that won awards for Exemplary Custodial Care, as well as the name of the Head Custodian of the Year honored for that school.

Elementary Schools

Exemplary Custodial Care Award

Head Custodian of the Year Award

Alcova ES

Will Forrest

Alford ES

Tatiana Dontu

Anderson-Livsey ES

Eva Lopez (18th AW)

Annistown ES


Arcado ES


Baggett ES


Baldwin ES


Beaver Ridge ES (15th CONS.)

Besima Hodzic

Benefield ES

Earl Sardin

Berkeley Lake ES

Lucia Varga

Bethesda ES (21st AW)

Keith Ruise

Britt ES

Dragica Lukic

Brookwood ES

Sherri Davis

Burnette ES

Mihaela Merisanu

Camp Creek ES

Peggy Arnold

Cedar Hill ES

Ljiljana Baltic

Centerville ES

Ken V. Irish

Chattahoochee ES

Minka Kolenovic

Chesney ES (16th AW)

Xhyla Paloji

Cooper ES (18th AW)

Samira Tahirovic

Corley ES

Mary Gaddis

Craig ES (22nd AW)

Rochell Middleton

Dacula ES (18th AW)

Ana Croitor

Duncan Creek ES (18th AW)


Dyer ES

Kendra Sexton

Ferguson ES

Gaby Zinga

Fort Daniel ES (21st AW)             

Carlos Spikes

Freeman’s Mill ES (21st AW)

Vickie Vanderford (21st AW)

Graves ES

Alberto Pineda

Grayson ES (18th AW)

Enesa Wubishet

Gwin Oaks ES

Angela Long

Harbins ES (18th AW)

Johnny Tu

Harmony ES (17th AW)

Brandon Wilson (16th AW)

Harris ES

Ahmed Hammouda

Head ES

Zumra Omanovic

Hopkins ES

Antoneta Chelaru

Ivy Creek ES

Ramon Munoz

Jackson ES (17th AW)

Clifford R. Hughes

Jenkins ES

Lisa Mosley

Kanoheda ES

Duvan Rojas

Knight ES (18th AW)

Sanja Ramic

LAWrenceville ES

Irma Karadza

Level Creek ES (17th AW)

Valentina Juravschi

Lilburn ES (16th AW)


Lovin ES (15th AW)


Magill ES (17th AW)

Jed Clark

Mason ES

Ramon Abreu

McKendree ES (19th AW)

Mustafa Besic

Meadowcreek ES

Nelia Saye

Minor ES

Rodica Bledea

Mountain Park ES (17th AW)

Jean Lyron (15th AW)

Mulberry ES (16th CONS.)

Camila Vugdalic (15th CONS.)

Nesbit ES

Denisa Kiss

Norcross ES (18th AW)

Kendrick Epps

North Metro Academy

Tim Slayton

Norton ES

Angelo Rodriguez

Parsons ES (15th CONS.)


Partee ES (19th AW)

Senad Begic

Patrick ES


Peachtree ES

Enisa Habul

Pharr ES

Emira Tahirovic

Puckett’s Mill ES

Gloria Green (19th CONS.)

Riverside ES

Dimairy Hernandez

Roberts ES

Claudia Circa

Rock Springs ES

Lynn Butler (16th CONS.)

Rockbridge ES

Snjezana Sabanovic (1st AW)

Rosebud ES

Karen Branch

Shiloh ES

Chris Moye (now at Lanier HS)

Simonton ES

Roberto Paneque

Simpson ES

Mwamba Haynes (1st AW)

Starling ES

Carolina Pogreban

Stripling ES

Kathleen Forrest

Sugar Hill ES

Estera Kusovschi

Suwanee ES

Ronda Price (16th AW)

Sycamore ES

Nijaz Hasanovic

Taylor ES

Cornelia Buducea

Trip ES

Tarcila Arroyo

Walnut Grove ES

Veronica Adem

White Oak ES

Roberto Rodriguez

Winn Holt ES

Carol Back **(23rd CONS.)

Woodward Mill ES

Semija Causevic


Middle Schools

Exemplary Custodial Care Award

Head Custodian of the Year Award

Bay Creek MS

Blanca Valle

Berkmar MS (15th AW)


Coleman MS

Ana Valle

Couch MS

John Ziegler

Creekland MS


Crews MS (22nd AW)

Livia Nastai

Dacula MS

Sherry McKinzie

Duluth MS

Dale Tyler

Five Forks MS

Delphin Thomas

Grace Snell MS

Alex Mois

Hull MS

Cornelia Berende

Jones MS (16th AW)

Daniela Andronesi (1st AW)

Jordan MS

Rada Obrenovic

Lanier MS

Jorge E. Bernal (1st AW)

Lilburn MS

Alena Markitan

McConnell MS (22nd AW)

Anka Logsdon (16th CONS.)

Moore MS

Sharon Barfield

North Gwinnett MS

Victor Dheming (1st AW)

Northbrook MS


Osborne MS (19th CONS.)

Andrei Kusovschi

Pinckneyville MS

Tim Craven

Radloff MS

Andrei Kusovschi

Richards MS

Dragana Sejdic

Shiloh MS


Snellville MS

Svetlana Bantya

Summerour MS

N/A (Vacant)

Sweetwater MS

Alma Jasarevic

Trickum MS

Joseph Alexander

Twin Rivers MS

Pamela Hall


High Schools

Exemplary Custodial Care Award

Head Custodian of the Year Award

Archer HS

Lejla Sehic

Berkmar HS (16th AW)

Vlad Pop

Brookwood HS (18th AW)

David Long

Central Gwinnett HS (19th AW)

Larry Campbell (17th AW)

Collins Hill HS (20th AW)

Cadillac Williams (1st AW)

Dacula HS (18th AW)

Kelly A. Jones

Discovery HS

Clemente Amable

Duluth HS

Samir Abdovic

Grayson HS


Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Zumreta Muhovic (1st AW)

Lanier HS

Tim Wilson

Maxwell HS of Technology (15th AW)

Nexhmedin Paloji

McClure Health Science HS

Marivic V. Smith

Meadowcreek HS

N/A (Vacant)

Mill Creek HS (19th CONS.)

Richard Holmberg

Norcross HS


Mountain View HS

Alina Rotaru

North Gwinnett HS

Alex DiMola

Parkview HS

Buddy Phillips

Paul Duke STEM HS

Sean Jack

Peachtree Ridge HS

Deborah Hunter

Phoenix HS

Ana Sanchez (21st AW)

Seckinger HS

Zejna Mujkic

Shiloh HS

Jasmin Alagic

South Gwinnett HS

Jose Morel Pena

Special Schools

Exemplary Custodial Care Award

Head Custodian of the Year Award

Buice Center         

Tatiana Neculcea

GIVE Center East

Mariana Ucrainciuc

GIVE Center West (18th AW)

Andre Blake

Gwinnett Online Campus

Gary Evers

Oakland Meadow School (19th AW)

Ana Trifoi


** GCPS record for consecutive years without a gap.

xxth AW means the total years the school or head custodian has earned this award.

xxth CONS means the total years the school or head custodian has earned this award, and they have been earned consecutively without a gap.