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GCPS honored for using technology to improve bus driver safety

July 31, 2023

     Gwinnett County Public Schools’ (GCPS) Transportation Department is the recipient of the 2023 Samsara Connected Operations - Excellence in Performance - Public Sector Award. The award recognizes organizations driving positive change by using technology to deliver top-notch services to schools and school districts. GCPS uses Samsara's GPS and Dash Camera technology in its daily operations.Left to right: Robert Stobaugh, Charlie Humble, and Sarah Paterson

     Charley Humble, executive director of GCPS Transportation and Fleet Maintenance, says the technology is a game changer. “Samsara’s GPS and Dash Camera technology has revolutionized our transportation operations, providing real-time vehicle tracking, improved routing accuracy, and proactive driver coaching,” Mr. Humble shares. “These features have optimized our management processes, allowing us to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and achieve new levels of excellence in service delivery.”

     With nearly 2,000 buses that transport more than 128,000 students a day to and from 142 schools, GCPS’ transportation department is the largest in the state. The district earned the Excellence in Performance - Public Sector Award because of its commitment to making video and vehicle telematics integral to its operations, resulting in significant improvements in safety and efficiency. Within three months of implementing the technology, harsh braking incidents decreased by 60%, and seat belt violations decreased by 47%. In 30 days, distracted driving incidents saw a remarkable 40% decrease, while speeding incidents decreased by 17%. Moreover, GCPS has streamlined its incident investigation process, reducing the time required to investigate incidents from one to two weeks to 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, the organization has successfully exonerated its drivers in minor incidents, resulting in savings on settlement fees.

     “As the data shows, the dash camera footage has proven invaluable in providing evidence, promoting driver accountability, and fostering safer driving practices,” Mr. Humble explains. “We can now provide critical time-sensitive feedback to support the outstanding job our drivers and monitors do each day.”