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Gwinnett County Public Schools to provide a one-time $1,000 retention payment to all active, benefit-eligible employees

October 4, 2023


     At its June 15, 2023, meeting, the Gwinnett County Board of Education approved a one-time retention payment of $1,000 to all active, benefit-eligible employees as part of the $3.04 Billion budget for the 2024 fiscal year. This benefit will be paid in a lump sum and included in the December 2023 monthly paycheck of all active, benefit-eligible employees.  All applicable federal, state, and local deductions and any normal benefit-related deductions will apply. In deciding to approve this payment, School Board members indicated their support for this effort and their appreciation to Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) employees for the work they have done and continue to do.

     GCPS Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts says Team GCPS employees are the best of the best and have earned this special payment. “Recognizing the dedication and hard work of our valued employees, I am pleased we will provide a $1,000 retention payment to all active, benefit-eligible employees in December 2023,” Dr. Watts explains. “This token of our appreciation reflects our commitment to supporting our staff and their continued efforts in achieving our educational goals in GCPS.”