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GCPS middle school students awarded REACH Scholarships

October 26, 2023

     Gwinnett County Public Schools recently honored eight middle school students who were awarded REACH Scholarships. Each student will receive a $10,000 scholarship to enroll in a Georgia HOPE-eligible public or private university or college. Scholars are identified in the 8th grade and are supported throughout their journey toward high school graduation.  

REACH Scholarship Winners

The eight scholars are: 




Danna Ruiz- Magana 

Berkmar MS 

8th Grade 

Aydan Daniel 

Coleman MS  

8th Grade 

Celeste Guarnieri  

Creekland MS  

8th Grade 

Camila Salinas 

Duluth MS 

8th Grade 

Keren Mulumba 

Jones MS 

8th Grade 

Oscar Acosta Jr.  

Osborne MS 

8th Grade 

Joshua Hall  

Sweetwater MS 

8th Grade 

Kori Moore 

Twin Rivers 

8th Grade 


     The REACH Georgia Scholarship Program is a needs-based mentoring and scholarship program supporting promising students to graduate from high school and achieve post-secondary success. In partnership with the Gwinnett County Public Schools Community-Based Mentoring Program, the eight REACH scholars will be paired with a mentor who models positive behavior and provides the student with knowledge, advice, guidance, and support related to education and beyond. Each scholar is also paired with a school counselor who will serve as an academic coach who monitors the student’s progress, helping them develop education and career plans and identifying academic and social supports.