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Orchestra students receive excellent and superior ratings

Orchestra Solo Lilburn Middle School hosted an event called Solo and Ensemble. We had 16 orchestra students attend, and these students picked a piece of ensemble music to practice together in small groups. A judge scored students based on how well they played. If they earned an excellent or superior rating, then each member of the group would receive a medal for their accomplishments. All 16 of our Shiloh MS students received a medal for their work this past Saturday.

Messgana Lemma, Angel Irving, Rebecca Araia, Laila Roselle Plummer, Aubrey Walker, Luciana Rios, Amarilis Torres, Katelen Solis Perez, and Carenity Wells all received excellent ratings for their performances.

Annika Ogotan, Maya Campbell, Nahdia Fofung, Simon Araia, Jolette Martinez Chavez, Jasmine Somerville, and Xiomara Varela-Olguin all received superior ratings for their performances. In fact, Annika, Maya, Nahdia, and Simon earned the highest possible score for their performance!!!

Way to model excellence everyday!