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Digital Learning Days

What is a Digital Learning Day?

  • A Digital Learning Day can be used in place of a school day that has been cancelled due to inclement weather. A digital learning day means that students will complete learning activities and assignments provided by the teacher at home.
  • During a Digital Learning Day students will log into My eCLASS to access course pages with student learning activitiesfor a Digital Learning Day.


Assignments will be posted at 9:00 am each morning for elementary schools.  


You can access eCLASS course pages by using any of the following devices:

  • desktop computer
  • laptop
  • tablet
  • cell phone
  • various gaming systems




**Please help your child check his/her teacher's eCLASS page to get the assignments for the day.  Don't forget to do the specified specials teacher's assignment that is attached.


eCLASS handouts:
Finding your eCLASS page
Student Guide to Submitting Assignments
Student Guide to Creating Discussions
Student Guide to Creating Discussion- Spanish
Student Guide to Creating Video Notes
Student Guide to Creating Video Notes- Spanish