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2021-2022 School Plans from Dr. Merisme, Principal

Dear LES Families,

As we prepare for the opening of the new school year, I want to make sure you are aware that at Lilburn ES, we are committed to the wellbeing of our students and staff. Despite the challenges we continue to face during the ongoing pandemic, we remain steadfast and consistent with ensuring that safety measures are in place for a healthy and safe return to school for both staff and students. Our administrative team, classroom teachers, support teachers, school nutrition staff, custodians, and front office staff are working diligently to ensure that the utmost safety measures are in place.  

GCPS has given parents an option to choose the type of learning students will participate in this school year, in-person or digital. In-person learners will receive a high-quality education from LES teachers, and digital learners will receive instruction from our Meadowcreek Cluster teachers. Our teachers and administrators are highly engaged in collaborative learning and planning to ensure our students have access to equity in education.

  • In-Person Instruction will follow our traditional school schedule with teachers providing students with instruction in all subjects including specials (Art, Music, Physical Education, STEM, and Technology). We know masks, social distancing and new procedures will take a while for students to adjust to and feel comfortable with, but we are confident that our students will learn and practice these new routines and procedures.
  • Digital Learning Instruction will also follow the traditional school schedule, but teachers will engage students in their learning through virtual instruction and recorded lessons. They will also receive digital instruction in specials classes. Digital learning teachers will hold students accountable for logging on to live lessons, completing their work, and turning in their completed work according to schedules put in place by teachers. Grades will be determined by student participation and effort, just as in traditional school. For students to participate in digital learning, students will need to have access to the internet and devices at home. We have a limited number of Chromebooks and Hotspots to checkout at Lilburn ES.
  • I am aware the social-emotional support and mental health safeguards students will need when they return to school, in-person or digitally, will be paramount to their success. Lilburn ES is dedicated to promoting positive student interaction with peers and teachers, in a manner that will support our students’ social-emotional health. In addition to the efforts to support the academic and social-emotional well-being of our students, we have already taken extra safety and cleanliness measures in preparation for our return in the fall, including:

Health and Safety

GCPS has an established protocol for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of the building, surfaces, and high-touch objects. We will also establish reasonable and precautionary practices within the school to minimize the risk of infection and/or spread of the virus for our in-person learners by putting the following actions in place:

  • Display health guidance posters throughout the building. 
  • Teach students about ways to stay healthy.
  • Establish schedules for restroom and handwashing opportunities.
  • Provide each common area and classroom with hand sanitizer.
  • Arrange custodial schedules to ensure cleaning of high touch areas during the school day.
  • Implement the district protocol if someone tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Students and staff will wear masks while in the school building.
  • Students will not share materials and supplies.
  • Visitors are discouraged except for parents who are checking in or checking out their students.


Although there will be no social distancing on school buses, GCPS has established precautionary practices to minimize health risks. 

  • Buses will run as normal with traditional maximum capacities but will be cleaned and disinfected after morning and afternoon routes for elementary, middle, and high school students.
  • Students and staff will wear masks while on the bus.
  • ​​​​​​​Additional Lilburn ES staff members will monitor car-rider and bus dismissal areas to encourage social distancing where feasible. 

School Operations

CDC and Health Department Guidelines are followed, when reasonable and practicable, to ensure safety and minimize health risks.

  • School Nutrition
    • School Nutrition Personnel (SNP) will be able to serve hot items and meals that are prepackaged.
    • SNP will use scanners to scan student IDs with barcodes for breakfast and lunch in lieu of keypads.
    • Lunch visitors will not be allowed this year.
  • Recess
    • Students will be provided scheduled outdoor and/or indoor recess time.
    • Social distancing will be encouraged.
  • Media Center
    • We will establish a process for Media Center visits and checkout of materials that allow students to check out and handle their own materials.
    • Book return processes will limit the handling of books and student traffic inside the Media Center.
    • Computers in the media center and computer labs will face the same direction and be spaced out when possible. They will be sanitized after student use.
  • Field Trips
    • Currently, no field trips will be scheduled this year. This guidance may change depending on the status of the pandemic. Students will have an opportunity to participate in virtual field trips when possible. 

Please help us to keep our school community safe. We ask that parents and guardians take their children’s temperatures daily and allow their students to stay home from school if they are sick. Generally, students who have a fever can return to school if they are fever-free for 24 hours without the help of medication. However, this year, the CDC guidance, Department of Health recommendations, and GCPS protocols will be followed for students who display Covid-19 symptoms. If your child or anyone in your home is sick and has tested positive for COVID-19, please contact your child’s teacher or the school immediately. 

I will keep you updated with any pertinent information and changes that need to occur during the school year. We will have a successful school year. I am certain that if we all work together, your children, our most precious treasures, will have a phenomenal school year. Remember, we are all in this together.

We are ONE Family... LES parents, guardians, students, educators, and community supporters.

We are all learning together.

We are all figuring this out together.

We are all taking care of each other.

We are all in this together!


Your Proud Principal,

Dr. Guerlène Merisme