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20-21 Science and Engineering Fair

2020-2021 Gwinnett County Science and Engineering (STEM) Fair Information!
Here is information about the Science and Engineering (STEM) Fair for this school year! 
  • ALL projects will be submitted digitally!
  • Students will decide on a real-world problem that interests them from the GCPS Sponsored Problems. 
  • Students will design a new solution to a problem build it and test the outcomes!
  • Students will upload a Digital STEM Notebook and a Digital Display/Poster (in place of a tri-fold board)
  • ALL information (Student Guide/Problems/Digital Notebooks and Posters) can be found in the "Science and Engineering Fair 2020-21 Google Classroom. This is also where you will submit all completed projects.   The code is: xlbn5bu 
  • ALL projects are due on Thursday, January 14, 2021. 
  • These are not projects that can be completed in a short time, so the earlier you get started the better!
Please direct any questions to Mrs. Hennebaul: