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Field Days are coming soon!
Below you will find the days your class is scheduled to participate in field day.  Make sure your child wears their field day shirt each day they attend PE.  Students must wear appropriate shoes in order to participate.  No boots, crocs, sandals, slides, etc. 
In order to keep everyone properly hydrated during this time of activity, we are asking parents to donate bottles of water.  Waters can be dropped off to the main offic prior to April 29th. 
Lastly, due to COVID 19 protocols no parents (in-person or virtual) or virtual students are allowed to attend.  Instead, virtual students will participate in a virtual Field Day that will be located in their Google Classroom.   That information will be posted on April 30th. 
April 30th (Day 1) & May 5th (Day 4)
K- Pinheiro/Allen/Perry/Kozlowski
1st- Coleman/Scholl/McCoy
2nd- Bullock/Baker/Freeman
3rd- Diaz/Robb/Blount
4th- K. Baker
5th- Stoudenmire/Hollifield/Helton
May 3rd (Day 2) & May 6th (Day 5)
K- Watkins/Thornhill
1st- Jordan
2nd- Jannett
3rd- McLeod/Martinez/Blount
4th- Reymann (Duke)/Floyd
5th- Savage/Kane
May 4th (Day 3) & May 7th (Day 6)
K- Hulsey/Horne
1st- Spencer/Beuford/Perry/Kozlowski
2nd- Hoilette/Stry (Sholar)
3rd- Woodley/Moore
4th- Brown/Maloney
5th- Gatling/Johnson/Helton

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Jackson or Coach Paige.