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Message from Dr. Frandsen

Dr. Frandsen I'm Dr. Scott Frandsen, the proud principal at Minor Elementary.  Our vision at Minor is that we will become a world class school where all students acquire an academic foundation that will maximize their potential to be successful as they continue their education and become contributing citizens of the world.  I want you to have confidence in the instruction your students are receiving here at Minor.  Our teachers and administrators collaborate on a regular basis to determine best teaching strategies and review student progress to ensure your child receives the instruction necessary to achieve this vision.  We encourage you to assist your student by reading with them each night (in English or your native language), reviewing their homework, and checking their grades regularly through the parent portal and student eCLASS pages.  Establishing these kinds of routines and schedules go a long way in setting your student up for success. 

Thank you to our teachers, students, and parents for making Minor such a great place to learn!