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Click here for more information on how to sign up for pictures for your digital student.



Digital Students have the opportunity to take their fall school pictures!


If you would like your digital student(s) to take fall school pictures, please click here to sign up for a time slot. If you have more than one student at Mountain Park, please only sign up for one spot, but include how many students you are signing up in the comment. For example, if you have a first, third, and fifth grader, you would sign up for one slot and then add 3 in the comment section. 


The link to pay for pictures is on the sign up, but you can also get to it directly by clicking this link. If you are purchasing fall pictures, please prepay at the link. 


When it is time for your child to take their picture, you will come through the car rider line. Your student(s) will get out and go to the cafeteria to take their picture while you wait in the car. Please remember, students need to wear a mask in the building, they will take their mask off only when they take their picture. Staff will be directing students where to go.