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November is Family Engagement Month

November is National Parent/Family Engagement Month and November 17th is the 28th Annual National Parent/Family Involvement Day (NPID).

This day provides an excellent opportunity for our nation to demonstrate its support for parents. Moreover, it is a wonderful opportunity to educate the public on the seriousness of family engagement in America’s public schools. The Office of Family Engagement would be honored if your school would recognize November 17, 2022, as National Parent/Family Involvement Day.

We ask that your school lend official recognition to the important work of educating the public on family engagement, as well as emphasize your personal commitment to parents, grandparents, and caring adults with students in GCPS. 

There are multiple ways to celebrate Parent/Family Involvement month/day, including but not limited to:

  • Parent Involvement Pledge
  • Issue A Proclamation!
  • Send a Thank You letter to parents/family members (template attached to this email)
  • Breakfast or Coffee & Pastries event
  • Family Night to play games together
  • Family Fitness Event
  • Honorary awards for family and community members
  • Celebrate family and community volunteers

Check out the Project Appleseed Activity Planning Guide attached to this email for details and additional ideas about Family Engagement activities. 

Also, visit the following link for additional resources: GaDOE Family Engagement Month

Please share your Parent/Family Engagement Month Celebration photos and videos with us! Use the electronic folder provided to upload photos and videos (JPEG or MP4 files): 22-23 National Family Engagement Month

Don’t forget to create a new folder with your school’s name, i.e., “Britt ES.”

Thank you for everything you do to support and celebrate parents and families at your school this month and each and every day.

Happy National Parent/Family Involvement Month!