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Jumpstart Reading 2019

Hawks S.O.A.R. Through Jumpstart Reading
Summer 2019-2020

Mill Creek’s Language Arts Department encourages everyone to continue reading through the summer months. Reading helps review essential skills for the upcoming semester, begins the bridge from one grade-level to the next, and provides baseline data for the upcoming school year. Reading, also, can improve your health.

According to recent studies compiled by Medical News Today, reading can reduce stress, improve memory, keep your brain young, increase empathy, and increase your tolerance for uncertainty:

1) Reduce Stress by getting caught up in a great book. Allow the characters to consume your everyday worries and stresses. According to Kumon, reading for only six minutes can reduce stress by 68 percent, as well as slow your heart rate and minimize muscle tension.

2) Improve memory
by reading regularly. Just like your muscles, your brain loves a good workout too. Fire up your synapses by reading regularly exercises your brain, which can actually improve your memory. In addition, a recent study by Psychology Today showed that avid readers were “protected against brain lesions and tangles” and “most had the fewest physical signs of dementia.”

3) Younger Brain

Of course we can’t stop the aging process (as much as we’d like to), but reading can help slow it down. The American Academy of Neurology revealed that reading can significantly reduce your rate of cognitive decline. So curl up with a good book each night if you want to keep your brain spry.

4) Increased Empathy

Who knew that reading books could make you a nicer person? Apparently getting emotionally absorbed in a book carries over into real life. Studies compiled by Prime and Public Library of Science found that people who regularly immerse themselves in fictional stories are more empathetic because relating to their situations causes us to be more open to real people in our lives.

5) Increased Tolerance for Uncertainty

At some point, we will struggle with ambiguity or lack of control in personal situations. It can be stressful not knowing the future. Surprisingly, an easy way to cope is to read more. A recent study proved that reading fiction can cause an increase in tolerance for uncertainty. As people dive deeper and deeper into fictional stories and characters, their minds open up, and they become more comfortable with possibilities and uncertainty.

Evenmore, there is a sixth reason for reading during the summer:  

6) To Reduce “Summer Slide”
Students who don’t read,  or read infrequently during their summer vacation, see their reading abilities stagnate or decline. However, this “summer slide” can be avoided if you read during the summer months.  In fact, the more engaged you are in the text, the more you comprehend, and the more your critical reading skills improve. So, don’t become a victim of the “summer slide!”


Instead, continue soaring so that you don’t lose the critical reading gains you diligently attained during the school year, can improve  health, and  jumpstart your first Language Arts novel unit.


What will you read this summer?

Below, you will  you will find links to each course’s  jumpstart assignment. Please choose your title from the appropriate list. And, remember, this is not a collaborative assignment. The assignment is an individual assessment of your reading skills and basic understanding of your text. Therefore, your answers should be your original idea. So, please, avoid all online and published databases, as well as working with a partner.

  • EPIC  Program (PBL students only)