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Final Exams

Final Exam Schedule

Dear Parents and Guardians:
As you know, the end of the first semester is fast approaching.  Students will engage in final exams for all academic subjects beginning on December 17th through December 20th.  It is very important that your child is present each day during this final exam week as each test counts for 10% of the overall grade (more for 8th grade EOC courses).  In order to maximize your child's potential for scoring the highest grade possible, please plan to have your student in attendance every day during this final week of school.  Missed final exams will be factored into the grade with a weight of zero until such time as the exam can be made up by the student.  As make-ups will likely not occur during the final week of school, your child may be at a disadvantage should he/she need to make up the exam in January.  Thank you in advance for making every effort to ensure that your child is present and ready for final exam week.
Grace Snell Middle School
12/17:  English Language Arts
12/18:  Science
12/19:  Social Studies
12/20:  Math