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S.T.E.M. Happenings

 Alcova's Chicken Coop


Alcova's S.T.E.M. Specials is raising chickens! Gas South awarded Alcova a grant to start the chicken coop. At the start of the 2021-22 school year, we started getting ready for the chickens. We now have baby chicks that hatched about a month ago. Once the chicks get old enough, they will transition to our outdoor chicken coop. We have 3 Easter Egger Chickens and 1 Rhode Island Red Chicken. All students will be involved with the chicken coop through STEM Specials, but 2nd grade will be primarily responsible for the raising of the chickens. One of the 2nd Grade Science AKS is to study the life cycle of organisms. The eggs that are produced from our coop will be donated to local organizations.

Student holding a baby chick

Alcova's S.T.E.M. Garden

Alcova S.T.E.M. Garden

Alcova’s STEM Garden exists to promote learning and community service by engaging students and community members in working together to use the garden as a natural resource for teaching subjects such as math, science, basic biology, nutrition, and artistic development while also promoting community service. 


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