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Winners of the PTSA Reflections Program

Berkmar PTSA participates in a National PTA Cultural Arts program called “Reflections.”  Students are given a theme to complete and express through the areas of Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, or Visual Arts.  Winning students can advance to County, State, and National levels of judging.

The following students are winners in the PTSA Reflections Program at Berkmar High School.  Their entries have gone on to the County level of judging.  Winners at the County level will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on November 20 at Discovery High School.

Thank you to all students who entered the competition. Congratulations to our winners and good luck at County!


                                                Chiara Hallett, Grade 9

                                               Kaily Reyes-Caballero, Grade 10

                                               Amanda Serrano-Chirinos, Grade 10

                                                Jaqueline Morales Navas, Grade 11

                                                Ana Rojas Figueroa, Grade 11

                                                Maria Ayala, Grade 12

                                                Dasia Harris, Grade 12



                                                  Rachael Freeman, Grade 11



                                                Giovanny Valle, Grade 11

                                               Stefani Benitez, Grade 11

                                               Yongshan Chen, Grade 12



                                               Ashley Alvarez, Grade 9

                                               Maria Jose Salguero Sosa, Grade 10

                                               John Doan, Grade 11