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Bethesda's Teacher of the Year!

Bethesda Teacher of the Year - Ronelle Nelson

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year, Ronelle Nelson! Ms. Nelson would like to share some information about herself and her journey as a teacher.

"I am a first grade teacher from Indianapolis, IN with 16 years of teaching experience. Though I've taught grades K, 1, 2, 3 and 5 (almost made it to all the grades lol); I find most of my joy in the happy land of K-2 with the little babies.  I am a proud HBCU graduate of Alabama A&M University, where I received my undergraduate degree.  I also have a master's degree from Georgia State and a specialist degree from Piedmont College.
I am originally from Indianapolis, IN; but I've been in Georgia since 2007 (with the exception of the 4 years I spent teaching abroad in Abu Dhabi).  I love music, so my students often hear me singing or playing something to set a joyful tone in our classroom.....and I blast my music in the car and at home.  I enjoy learning how to do cool things on the computer, like make little beats, make clipart, or activities for the classroom.  I also enjoy being at home, watching Netflix, and spending time with my amazing husband, TJ."


Ms. Nelsons Class