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Speed Stacking Comes to Brookwood Elementary

Speed Stacking comes to Brookwood Elementary

cup stacking

We are so excited to have Luke Gramith from Speed Stacks for a demonstration and lesson in cup stacking in PE during our cup stacking unit.  Cup stacking is a sport that helps build fitness, agility, concentration and quickness. 

Would you like to order a set of stacking cups for your student?  Stacking cups can be purchased online only; Please do NOT send any money to school with your child.  Information on how to purchase will be coming home this week on the day that he/she has PE. Please go to the Speed Stacks website, choose Georgia, then Brookwood Elementary, and the order form will come up.  Once you place the order you will print your receipt and send it in with your child the next day; he/she will bring it to the gym and get the cups there.  Stacking cups are on sale until November 22.