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2019 Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 BES Spelling Bee Winners!

Spelling Bee 2019

Congratulations to Brookwood Elementary's 2019 Spelling Bee Winner, fourth grader Kiana Anic, and runner-up, fifth grader Brady McLaughlin.  They both put in a great effort in hard fought spelling battle. Kiana will now go on to represent BES in the County Spelling Bee.  Should she be unable to compete, Brady will spell in her place.

Congratulations go out to all the participants in this year's school spelling bee.  These students had to place as winner or runner up in their classroom spelling bee in order participate in at the school level.

Grade 4



Grade 5


Mrs. Holland’s class

Suzette Driscol & Andrew Vure


Ms. Barber’s class

Levi Shaverin & Timothy Skinner

Mrs. Lally’s class

Menna Gebregziabher & Liyu Samuel


Ms. Erickson’s class

Garrett Coe &      Tylas Sykes

Mrs. Leonard’s class

Russell Sterling & Sansana Thomas


Ms. Fanning’s class

Nuhaa Erattuparambil & Shea Koch

Mrs. Rogozinski’s class

Kahlid Abdullah


Mrs. Gibson’s class

Mercy Chinlian & Christopher Taylor

Mrs. Sammons’s class

Derek Raspaldo & Walden Thompson


Mrs. Harrington’s class

Samira Barakaeva & Abby Kate Lee

Mrs. Sheely’s class

Henry Mansfield & Waniya Syeda


Ms. Hunter’s class

Jonah Simmons-Smith & Niki Tendolkar

Mrs. Strozier’s class

Christina Chvatal & Evelyn Vedder


Ms. Lapcevic’s class

Abel Batkero & Landon Le

Mrs. Swan’s class

Kiana Anic &  Jeremiah John


Mrs. Newman’s class


Christopher Hall & Kemma Ghebru

Mrs. Swiggum’s class

Soyam Teshome & James Wonneberger


Ms. Phillips’s class

Scarlett Andrade & Ugonna Onyejiaku

Mrs. Young’s class

Nabaa Alam & Anthony Vure


Mrs. Rogozinski's class

 Alvin Nguyen




Mrs. Schaffer’s class

Brady McLaughlin & Blake Sanders