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Chesney Family Resources

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IEP/SST/RE-Evaluation meetings - You will be contacted by your child's teacher or a school representative regarding any meetings that were scheduled next week.

District Assessments (DA) Testing - All DA testing has been suspended until we return to school. We will communicate information regarding a plan once we return to full operation.

 eClass Speed/Access - There are many school districts across the country that use the same platform as GCPS for students to access digital content. With so many students on the platform, you may experience slower than normal speeds. Please be patient!

COVID-19 Information

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Please continue to check the GCPS website to review the most updated information regarding DLD guidelines. The school will also continue to communicate through Constant Contact, teacher communication, and our website. 

COVID-19 Resources

What is COVID-19? Flyer

CDC Website - COVID-19 Information

Gwinnett County Health Department - COVID-19 Information

GCPS website - COVID-19 Updates