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2020 Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration is now open

To begin the process, please register your child online via the

 Gwinnett County Registration Portal

Once online registration has been completed, gather the following documents:

  • An official document showing proof of birth date
  • Two (2) forms of proof that you live in the attendance zone (one must be a current utility bill and the other one can be a mortgage statement, lease agreement, etc.)
  • A valid certificate of immunization (GA Form #3231)
  • Evidence of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition Screening (GA Form #3300)
  • Photo ID for the adult registering the child
  • Proof of authorized person to enroll
  • Child's Social Security number (or you may sign a waiver at the school)

New This Year...Uploading Documents Online

New this year, much of the registration process, including the uploading of documents needed for registration, will be completed online.

  • Most document attachments (PDF, JPG, DOC, PNG, etc.) are compatible. The file-size limit is 2 MB.
  • Families that are unable to obtain the required immunization and/or screening documents due to the COVID-19 situation will be given additional time to obtain those documents but should go ahead and begin the online registration process.

Need help uploading documents? Click HERE for guidance!

Kindergarten Workshop 


Rising Kindergarten             Rising Kindergarten - Spanis

     English Presentation                                      Spanish Presentation


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Need more registration information? 

Click HERE to access Chesney's Registration Page.