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In-Person & Digital Learning Updates

Changing Instructional Mode

If you are considering changing instructional mode for your Creekland student, please call your child's respective academy office:
  • 6th Grade, Ms. Ramos 770-338-4723
  • 7th Grade, Ms. Baker 770-338-4714
  • 8th Grade, Ms. Cavanaugh 770-338-4736
As our numbers of face to face students increase, social distancing becomes more challenging.  We will distance to the extent where possible.
Everyone in the building is required to wear masks.  
Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building and in classrooms.

Students move through the building in lines and adhere to directional signs.

Seats in the classroom are distanced.
Students are asked to bring their own devices and supplies to minimize sharing.

Thank you for your support as we work to keep all our students and staff safe.

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