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Summer Leases

Students Attending School in the Brookwood Cluster with a Lease Expiring Over the Summer:

Proof of residency is a requirement of Gwinnett County for attendance in the public schools.  You must provide updated documentation indicating you are presently residing in the Crews school zone BEFORE the Fall semester.

**Please bring an updated lease/rental agreement AND a current utility bill (gas, water or electric only) indicating you are receiving services at the address provided on the original agreement.


Moved?  Moving Soon?

Gwinnett County Schools requires current residency information for all of our students.

Please make sure that we that we have your most up-to–date residency information in our records.

If your lease, rental agreement, or any other form of residency documentation has changed or expired, we MUST have a copy of your updated agreement along with a current utility bill. (Gas, Electric, or Water ONLY)

If you are moving out of our district, please be sure to go to to submit a withdrawal form and a copy of the enrolling parent driver’s license. *Be SPECIFIC as to WHERE you are moving to so we will know where to forward records!

Please contact our Registrar Jodi Bifaro with any questions concerning residency, transfers or withdrawals.

We want you to receive all the information we mail home and appreciate your cooperation!