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Digital Learning Support

 Digital Learning at Dacula Middle School

 Need help or have questions with technical issues? Need to know our daily schedules or the DMS digital learning classroom items/expectations?

Please see the documents and videos below for help.

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Digital Learner Support and Parent Resources

DMS Resources

 DMS Parent Guide to Digital Learning

DMS Student Daily DLD Class Schedule

Virtual Classroom Expectations

Monitoring Your Child's Progress

What is ELT?

What is Advisement?

Meet the 6th Grade Counselor - Ms. Fischer

Meet the 7th Grade Counselor - Ms. Ellison

Meet the 8th Grade Counselor - Ms. Garcia

Parent/Student Portals and Password Help

Updates to Parent Portal

Updates to Student Portal

 New Student Activation from Home / Resetting Student Password from Home

Student Password Errors Guide

eClass Help

Introduction to eClass Course Pages

Finding my eClass Course Pages

DMS eClass Course Page Tour (video)

G Suite / Google, Chromebook, and Zoom Help

Accessing G Suite for Education - Students

Changing Chrome Browser User on Your Device

Troubleshooting Personal Chromebooks

School Chromebooks at Home - Connecting to WiFi

 School Chromebooks at Home Guide for Families (English)

Chromebooks escolares en casa guía para familias (Espanol)

Zoom Directions for Students

Google Share Settings

Google Drive Basics

Gmail Guide

Technical Help

Clearing Cache in Chrome on Windows 10

Clearing Cache in Chrome on Android or Chromebook

Clearing Cache in Chrome on IOS