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Rising 9th Grader Information

Message from Dr. Long, Dacula HS Principal, regarding the return to In-Person Learning for the 2021-2022 school year:


Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help your children make it through this challenging year. While Dacula High School was far more instructionally prepared for these events than most schools, we are looking forward to next year being more of a return to normal. With safety and cleaning protocols in place, things like pep rallies, student clubs, attending games, Big Board events, socializing, and sitting next to friends at lunch can once again become part of what kids love about school. 

In 2021-22, all GCPS students will default to in-person instruction and teachers will not be teaching concurrently (in-person and digital at the same time). GCPS will, however, allow parents to opt out of in-person instruction and choose a modified digital learning option. This decision will be different from the 2020-21 decision for several reasons. Please carefully consider the following information prior to making your decision.

  1. Your decision between in-person and digital learning is a commitment for the entire school year. At the end of first semester, however, families who chose to opt out may reverse their decision and return to in-person learning. 
  2. Digital instruction will blend synchronous instruction (live teaching) and asynchronous instruction (posted lessons).
  3. Elective choices for digital students will be limited. While a list of course offerings is not yet available, it is unlikely the following types of courses will be offered digitally:
  • Performance courses (e.g. Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Theater, etc.)
  • PE courses other than the required Health/Personal Fitness (e.g. weight training, team sports, rec games, etc.)
  • Courses requiring specific software/site licenses or equipment (e.g. Engineering, Web Design, Mechatronics, Photography, Culinary, Video Broadcast, etc.)
  • Upper level languages (e.g. levels III, IV, and AP of German, French, and Spanish)
  • Certain AP courses (e.g. AP Art, AP Music Theory, AP Physics C)

4. If you opt out of in-person instruction, it is possible some of your child’s classes may not be taught by a Dacula High School teacher. To serve digital students, GCPS may share students and teachers in digital courses. 

This information is intended to supplement the recently distributed district information. We encourage you to carefully consider the most appropriate option for your child. Dacula High School will be ready to support your child regardless of your choice.

Thank you for your support.

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