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School Meal Information

The deadline for completing the Free and Reduced-Price Meals is Wednesday, September 14, 2022!

You can get more information and complete the Free and Reduced-Price Meals Application from the GCPS Nutrition Website.

5 reasons for completing the free and reduced price meal applicationSpanish 5 reasons to complete the free and reduced price meals application

The USDA waiver has expired, which means the School Nutrition Program will no longer offer the benefit of free meals for your child.  Parents will now need to complete the application linked below to apply for Free/Reduced meals.  

While meals have been offered at no cost for the past 2 years, meals will cost as follows for Dacula Middle School students:


** Free/Reduced Price students will receive breakfast at no charge. **

Students with Full Pay eligibility will be charged $1.50 per child.


** Free and Reduced Price students will receive lunch at no charge. **  

Meal Prices for lunch are as follows:   

Reduced - $.40 cents per child 

MS Lunch - $2.50 per child  Even if you think you  may not be eligible, we encourage you to complete the form. Every dollar counts and we would hate for any student to be hungry unnecessarily throughout the school day when meals have been free for them the past 2 years.  Please click here to access the meal form.