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Important Information from Dacula Library & Dacula Park

Gwinnett County Public Library is happy to serve as a safe place for students after school and appreciates the majority of students who visit and abide by the library's rules. Students are welcome to use the library to study, talk with friends, and participate in library programs and activities.

The library does have a Code of Conduct to address students whose behavior is disruptive to others using the library and violating the Code of Conduct will lead to suspension from the library.

Violations include but are not limited to:

  • disobeying the reasonable direction of library staff or security officers
  • making loud disruptive noises of any kind
  • blocking aisles, entrances, or exits in any manner
  • engaging in any form of sexual misconduct
  • damaging, stealing, or altering library property
  • smoking on library property

Immediate suspensions for the remainder of the school year will be issued to students who fight or threaten to fight on library property, who harass or threaten library staff or other customers, bring drugs or alcohol onto library property, or engage in other illegal activity.

Caregivers can ensure that their students retain access to the library by setting expectations for behavior after school and by working proactively with library staff when issues arise. The library is committed to working with students, caregivers, schools, and police officers to keep students safe and to quickly address all inappropriate conduct.

Dacula Library Rules

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GCPL Code of Conduct

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