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Discovery HS Environmental Club

Discovery High School Environmental Club Spotlight

March 2019


The DHS Environmental club’s mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues and to incite motivation in the general public to follow our example.  We hope to teach students and faculty the importance of reducing our environmental impact as individuals and as a community.  We want to teach by example and inspire others to follow our lead. When we are walking down the hallway and see trash, we pick it up. We use reusable water bottles to reduce plastic pollution. We recycle our cans so they can be remade into something else and aren’t just deposited into the landfill.

Yellow River Trash Bash 2018


            Our students show a passion for our school, our community, and our planet. They work hard to make a difference through river and watershed clean-ups, roadside cleanups, school-wide recycling, creating a community garden, and in educating others through community events, school posters and bulletin boards, newsletters, and neighborhood patrolling. When they discover a need, they find a way to solve it. They have been successful this year in collecting food for the Lawrenceville Cooperative and in collecting toys for Toys for Tots. These teens have giving hearts and they genuinely want to make our community and earth a better place to live.

            Because of their hard work and dedication to service, the DHS Environmental Club has won two major awards in the past two years. In 2017, they won the Rivers Alive School Award for their diligent work on monitoring and cleaning up the Yellow River on the back side of our campus. In 2018, they won the Jim Steele “Green Educator of the Year” award from Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful. This award is given to a school that consistently models exemplary practices and prepares students for the next generation of green, sustainable career pathways and responsible citizenship. As the club founder and sponsor, I am ecstatic that our students are so motivated and involved in these events and that they care about the future of our planet as much or even more than I do. My ultimate goal as the club sponsor is to create well-informed, experienced, and passionate future law changers, business owners, family leaders, community members, and professionals that will keep our planet as natural and pristine as possible to prolong its ability to maintain life. As humans, we have proven that we are smart enough to go to the moon, to create nuclear power, to explore the ocean depths, to build great civilizations…but are we smart enough to preserve the one place we call home?

Tabitha Brodnax

Environmental Club Founder and Sponsor

Award from Rivers Alive


Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful Awards Ceremony