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COVID Testing Pilot in the Norcross Cluster

As was shared prior to Winter Break, the Norcross Cluster is piloting COVID-19 Surveillance Testing for students and staff. Participation in surveillance testing is not required for students or staff members.

Voluntary testing occurs every Tuesday. If you RSVP’d to be tested, we will be sending your student a pass to get tested on Tuesday mornings. If you would like your student to be tested in the future, please complete this survey - Student COVID Testing Survey  

The testing, which is free and will be conducted on a weekly basis at the school, uses a short Qtip-type swab to collect a sample from inside the nose. This testing will allow GCPS to test, receive test results (within 24 hours), and notify individuals of a clin­ically significant reading. Participation will contribute to the success of this mitigation strategy and our schools’ ability to limit the spread of COVID and keep students learning in person.

Learn more about the COVID testing being in the Norcross Cluster by reviewing these frequently asked questions.