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Families can select 2nd Semester 2021 Learning Options, through Nov. 29, via Parent Portal

Starting Oct. 28, families will be able to select their student’s learning option for 2nd semester—either in-person at the school or digital learning at home. Families will indicate their choice in an online survey, available in the Parent Portal.

Families can make changes to their selection up to 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 29, when the selection process closes. Students whose families do not update their preference on the portal will continue in their current learning option on Jan. 6, when students return to learning for the spring semester.

Families that don’t have an account yet can find the Parent Portal registration form online or at their student’s school. To verify their identity, parents must return the completed form in person or contact the local school to set up a virtual meeting. Learn more about the registration process in this flyer for families online.