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Alicia Ramirez-Hernandez

Alicia Ramirez

Alicia Ramirez has been awarded Career and Technical Education Student of the Year at Meadowcreek High School! She was nominated by her CTE teacher, Mrs.Thaker. After her nomination, Alicia completed an application process in which she submitted her business resume’ and an essay highlighting her pathway and career goals. Once Alicia completed that, she was then interviewd which in turn she was selcted to represent our school. She will now compete among all 22 Gwinnett high schools to determine the top Busines students in GCPS. Alicia completed the Financial Services pathway within the MU School of International Business. Aside from that, she has also been part of FBLA for the past 4 years.

Alicia says “To be CTE student of the year means A LOT.” She was nominated as 2018 CTE SOTY. This year when she was given the opportunity, she felt more inspired to reach her goal. Aside from it being a personal accomplishment for Alicia , it means more knowing her teachers believe in her. Having past and present teachers, friends, and family tell how proud they are of her is one of the greatest rewards. Alicia says “It makes working hard worth it.”

Alicia is currently planning to major in business at Clemson University this Fall. After her bachelors’ she will accomplish her MBA and move on to work in Human Resources. While in school , she wants the opportunity to complete an internship, which will allow her to further expand her skills in Human Resources. Her long term goals include becoming a Human Resources Managaer. Alicia is defeiniely on the path to fulfill her dreams!

Vanessa Mendoza , Communication & Media