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Diana Covarrubias - Golden Door Scholar

Diana Covarrubias has been awarded the Golden Door Scholarship for college! The Golden door Scholarship is a scholarship that allows high achieving DACA students to attend college, since she is forced to face with multiple obstacles like having to pay out-of-state tuition. It is a full ride to one of their partner schools or $30,000 for another institute.  They provide her with a mentor. Each Golden Door Scholarship will have a mentor all the way until they graduate. Another awesome thing is that they're providing her with is a laptop. Diana found out about the scholarship from her counselor and thought it was a great opportunity, so she looked more into it and decided to apply. To Apply for the scholarship, Diana had t write an essay, post a 2 minute video on YouTube talking about herself, and submit basic information like SAT/ACT scores and transcripts. After they narrowed it down Diana went to North Carolina to Red Venture Home office. She had three nerve breaking interviews. After a few weeks She received a call congratulating her on become a golden door scholar! Diana explains that requirements for the scholarship are to have DACA or TPS and show that you are a high achieving student. Maintain at least 3.0 in college, frequent communication with golden doors. Diana’s doesn’t know what school she will be matched to but what she does know Is that she knows she wants to major in mechanical engineering. Ever since she found out that one of her friend is a DACA student She has been encouraging her to apply. She has been asking questions just to make sure she still meets the requirements. But what Diana  would say would be "Go for it. Never in a million years would I have imagined that i would receive a full ride scholarship." She would say " Keep trying and pushing yourself and never give up! There were so many sleepless nights I had wondering how I would pay for college but here am!"